New Topics for Authors

New Topics for Authors:

The Cochrane Fertility Regulation group is looking for authorship teams for high priority contraception systematic reviews on the following topics:

  • Medical abortion and timing of contraception 
  • Contraception use in complex patients: Mental health and libido 
  • Steroidal contraceptives: effect on carbohydrate metabolism in women without diabetes mellitus (UPDATE) 

Authorship teams must be made up of at least one content expert and one methodologist (an expert in systematic review data extraction and statistics). The Cochrane Fertility Regulation group values an international voice. We encourage authorship teams to work with and include authors from low and middle-income countries. Cochrane has some mechanisms in which to help authorship teams connect with interested LMIC authors.

The Cochrane Fertility Regulation Review Group has committed to supporting completion of these high priority reviews. The steps involved with writing a Cochrane review can be found here. We have an expert systematic review librarian who will perform the literature search, write the search strategy section of the review, and place the search strategy in Covidence. Please be aware that Cochrane reviews can now include randomized and nonrandomized trials. The Cochrane Fertility Regulation group has resources available to assist in learning the Cochrane processes. 

Please reach out to the if you are interested in joining an authorship team. If you believe that you have identified a team that meets the requirements of a Cochrane review team (one content expert and one methodologist), please fill out a title registration form and submit it