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David Paintin who was a peer reviewer for our group has retired because of his respectable age. 

Marjan Loep passed away February 5, 2005. Marjan Loep used to work for the Dutch Cochrane Centre in Amsterdam and was a great support to all of us in the office in Leiden.

Cochrane Health Promotion and Public Health Field have awarded a bursary of Aust.$ 3000 to our reviewer Janet Hiller from the University of Adelaide to update her review: Education for contraceptive use by women after childbirth.

Roger Melet helped us to get the Fertility Regulation Group off the ground and contributed greatly to the technical development of the group till August 1998 as our first group co-ordinator. Marjan Loep from the Dutch Cochrane Centre has assisted in coordinating work. Clarine van Oel boosted the methodoligical developments of the group during the time she was working as review group coordinator.

Editorial board members Olav Meirik, Alisson Bigrigg, Tina Mackie, Alba DiCenso and Michel Boulvain discontinued their work. Their activities for the Fertility Regulation Group are greatly acknowledged.

To our great regret we announce that our Honourable Boardmember Charlotte Ellertson passed away March 2004.

Since the start of our group in 1997 professor David Grimes  ( acted as principal author (41 reviews) and as editor from his position as vice president of biomedical affairs at Family Health International( He retired in February 2012. David showed his excellence in the combination of methodology and fertility regulation (as contraception).  Teacher, scientist, author, referee, counselor, physician,  tutor, supervisor, editor, friend: he all mastered them. How? Skilled, with courage, with humor and always on time: meticulously.  He is one of the pillars of our group. We owe him a lot.


Consumer involvement

Role of consumers is to ensure that work undertaken by the Cochrane groups have a consumer perspective which brings knowledge and recognition of consumer issues and concerns to the Cochrane process in order that information, research and service delivery result in improved outcomes for women and men.
Ensure that consumer perspectives in the Cochrane reviews are known about and influence future practice through effective and known about dissemination processes.
Ensure that the consumer perspective input into the Cochrane process is informed, is systematic and builds on the work developed and promoted by the Cochrane Consumer Network.


Conflict of interest

General information and guidelines are described in

The Fertility Regulation Group is an independent group. None of the sponsors have a direct or indirect influence of the editorial activities.

The conflict of interest of the editorial board members: none.

The collaborative work up of reviewers, referees and members of the editorial board and the 'comments and criticism' section of reviews may prevent conflict of interest. Any forwarded conflict of interest will be circulated among all members of the editorial board. Decision of the Board will be taken by majority. If no majority will be reached, the Dutch Cochrane Centre will be requested for assistance.